Career Counseling in Bulgaria

NBCC Bulgaria is an active promoter of the professionalization of the career guidance practice, in order to guarantee the quality of the services.

Currently there are several policy documents related to the provision of career services in Bulgaria

Law for Vocational education and training

Law for Encouragement of the Employment

Road Map of Career Guidance

In general and vocational education, career counseling is provided by pedagogical councilor or school psychologist. On the tertiary level guidance is a function of the guidance councilors within the career centers in each university. In the labor market sector this role is undertaken by the career guidance practitioners within the public and private labor offices.

The control authorities on the provision of guidance services are the Ministry of education, youth and science; Ministry of labor and social policy; The National employment agency (NEA) and the National agency for vocational education and training which licenses the private career guidance and information centers in the country.

Practicing career guidance requires a lot of specific competences which may be obtained within several master programs and the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) program.


Master programs:

The Faculty of Education in Sofia University offers the following courses in guidance:

  • Master program in Career Education and Vocational Training (distance learning). The course is aimed in preparing trainers for the needs of the system for Vocational education and training.
  • Master program in Training and Redirection of the Labor Force. The program is aimed at providing specialists in the field of training and professional development of staff according to the current economic and employment trends.
  • A postgraduate program in Career Guidance. The duration of the course is one year and it is aimed at providing guidance practitioners in the education, social and business sectors. The course as well provides support for already active practitioners in improving and updating their skills and knowledge in order to update their performance.

Contact: Assoc. prof. Silvia Tsvetanska -


The Faculty of Natural Science and Education in Ruse University offers:

  • Master program in Career Guidance and Development (both distance and regular learning). A bachelor degree in Pedagogy, Economics or Natural science is required in order to apply for that course.

Contact: Dr Tsvetelina Harakchiyska -


If you are considering becoming a career practitioner, we recommend you to contact NBCC Bulgaria in order to receive current information about the legitimate training opportunities and programs which are available in the country.

About the GCDF program


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