NBCC Bulgaria is a private entity established in February 2007 to promote the career counseling profession in Bulgaria. Our efforts aim to enhance the quality of career guidance services and to ensure better access of Bulgarian citizens to lifelong guidance and support. With our work we help individuals fulfill their potential.

NBCC Bulgaria is affiliated to EBCC, which serves as the regional hub for National Board for Certified Counselors International (NBCC International) activities in Europe. NBCC Bulgaria is hosted at Business Foundation for Education.

NBCC Bulgaria:

  • organizes initial and continuous trainings for career counselors;
  • implements initiatives and projects promoting lifelong learning and guidance, employability, labour market and social policy;
  • actively supports national policies and efforts aiming to reinforce the career guidance profession;
  • elaborates and promotes training materials and tools for career counseling;
  • conducts public campaigns, events and researches in the field.

For 5 years we:

  • Have trained more than 1000 and certified more than 600 career development professionals;
  • Initiated and taken part in more than 10 projects related to career development;
  • Supported policy initiatives in promoting the career guidance profession in Bulgaria;
  • Elaborated numerous training materials, tools and websites for career counseling;

Conducted several national researches, more than 30 trainings and events in the field of career guidance. 



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