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Title Author Year Availability
The Chemical Brain. The Neurochimistry Of Addictive Disorders Sidney Cohen 1998
The Courage to Heal. The Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Ellen Bass, Laura Davis 1988
The Developing Person through Childhood and Adolescence (2nd Edition) Kathleem Stassen Berger 1986
The Developing Person through Childhood and Adolescence (2nd Edition) Philip J. Guerin, Jr. Leo F. Fay, Susan L. Burden, Judith Gilbert Kautto 1987
The Family Interpreted. Feminist Theory in Clinical Practice Deborah Anna Luepnitz 1988
The Gift of Fear. Survival Signals that Protect us from Violence Gavin de Becker 1997
The Human Dialogue. Perspectives on Communication Floyd W. Matson, Sheley Montagu 1967
The Individualized Educational Plan. A Decision-making Process Susan Schachter, Andrea Shusko, etc 1979
The Internship Practicum and Field Placement Handbook. A Guide for the Helping Professions Brian N. Baird 1996
The Many Faces of Deceit. Omissions, Lies and Disguise in Psychotherapy Helen K. Gediman, Janice S. Lieberman 1996
The Marriage and Family Experience Linda Green
The Marriage and Family Experience (3rd Edition) Bryan Strong, Christine DeVault 1986
The Narcissistic Borderline Couple. A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Marital Treatment Joan Lachkar 1992
The Psychology of Health, Illness and Medical Care. An Individual Perspective M. Robin DiMatteo 1991
The Psycho-Social Dimensions of Cancer. A Practical Guide for Health-Care Providers Richard Goldberg, Robert M. Tull 1983
The Research Tool kit Bruce D. Friedman 1998
The Relationship Manual. How to Diagnose, Build or Enrich a Relationship David L. Luecke 1981
The Skills of Teaching: Interpersonal Skills (2nd Edition) Robert R. Carkhuff, David H. Berenson, Richard M. Pierce 1976
The Social and Political Contexts of Family Therapy Marsha Pravder Mirkin 1990
Theory and Design in Counseling and Psychotherapy Susan X Day 1999

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