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Title Author Year Availability
Families and Larger Systems. A Family Therapists Guide through the Labyrinth Evan Imber-Black 1988
Families Developing Relationships Mollie Stevens Smart, Laura S. Smart 1976
Families, Illness and Disability. An Integrative Treatment Model. John S. Rolland 1994
Family Counseling. Strategies and Issues Jon Carlson and Judith Lewis 1991
Family Counseling and Therapy Arthur M.Horne, J. Laurence Passmore
Family Counseling and Therapy. Major issues and topics. Robert L. Smith, Patricia Stevens Smith 1992
Family Counseling and Therapy (3rd edition) Arthur M. Horne 2000
Family Counseling in the Schools. Effective Strategies and Interventions for Counselors, Psychologists and Therapists J. Scott Hinkle, Michael E. Wells 1995
Family Therapy. A Systemic Integration (2nd Edition) (2 exemplare) Dorothy Stroh Becvar, Raphael J. Becvar 1993
Family Therapy Joseph H. Brown, Dana N. Christensen 1986
Family Therapy. An introduction to theory and technique (2nd edition) Gerald D. Erickson, Terrence P. Hogan
Family Therapy Concepts and Methods (4th Edition) Michael P. Nichols, Richard C. Schwartz 1991
Family Therapy. History, Theory and Practice (2nd edition), 2 exemplare Samuel T. Gladding 1998
Family Therapy in the systematic integration Dorothy Stroh Becvar, Raphael J. Becvar
Family Therapy. Values-sensitive Therapy (caseta video) Dr. Bill Doherty
Family Therapy. Integrative Therapy (caseta video) Dr. Ken Hardy
Foundations for Marriage and Family Relation Dale L. Womble 1966
Fundamentals of Job Coaching. A Step-by-Step Approach Paul M. McCray 1981
Handbook of Geriatric Psychopharmacology Michael A. Jenike 1985
Helping People Change. A Textbook of Methods ( 2nd Edition) Frederick H. Kanfer, Arnold P. Goldstein 1980

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