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Title Author Year Availability
The Job Accommodation Handbook (3rd Edition) Paul M. McCray 2000
Joining together David W. Johnson, Frank P. Johnson
Learning and Teaching Therapy Jay Haley 1996
Licensing and Certification of Psychologist and Counselors. A Guide to Current Policies, Procedures and Legislation Bruce R. Fretz, David H. Mills 1980
Lifespan Development (includes practice tests) (4th Edition) Denise Boyd, Helen Bee 2006
Psychology in Action (8th Edition) Karen Huffman 2007
Major Psychological Assessment Instruments (2nd Edition) Charles S. Newmark 1996
Making Psychologist in Schools Indispensable: Critical Questions & Emerging Perspectives Ronda C. Talley, Tom Kubiszyn, Marla Brassard, Rick Jay Short 1996
Men, Women and Change. A Sociology of Marriage and Family John Scanzoni, Letha Dawson Scanzoni 1988
Management of Cumulative Trauma Disorders Martha J. Sanders 1997
Managing Traumatic Stress Through Art. Drawing from the Center Barry M. Cohen, Mary-Michola Barnes, Anita B. Rankin 1995
Managing your School Counseling program, K-12 Developmental Strategies Joe Wittmer 1993
Manual for Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy Gerald Corey 1977
Manual for Theory and Practice of Group Counseling Gerald Corey 1981
Mariage and the Family Carlfred B. Broderick 1979
Problems and Solutions in Marital and Family Therapy John Carpenter & Andy Treacher 1989
Marriage and the Family Marcia Lasswell , Thomas Lasswell 1987
Marriage and Family 99/00 Kathleen R. Gilbert (editor) 1999
Master Therapist. Exploring Expertise in Therapy and Counseling Thomas M. Skovholt, Len Jennings 2004
Mental Health Care for People Living with or Affected by HIV/AIDS. A Practical Guide Catherine Acuff, Ph. D John Archanbeault, L.C.S.W., Brian Greenberg, Jeff Hoeltzel 1999

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